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Inspired By Technology 

We at SITC engage with our customers to establish clear overview of the possibilities & application in solving real life challenges and turning these into realistic business-cases.



Devices communicate and share information autonomously which leads in improved business results. Such communication between devices enables innovative advancements in technology. We. at SITC within your business and ensure appropriate functional solutions. The solutions provided are flexible. swift, and cost-effective. We offer advanced. revolutionary, and state-of-the-art M2M and loT solutions that are reliable due to our vast industrial background and experience along with our extensive knowledge of SITC systems.

Standard Innovation Company


SITC brings your business to a new horizon with cutting edge solutions. Providing optimized and customized services as per the requirements of each project or client, we aim to transform quotidian tasks through our various verticals of expertise. 

We are passionate a only make a differe this is what drives u

upon us and made s capabilities. Our technology and our work. Developing solutions that not ce in your life, but they add quality and efficiency to it, and . all the way. We value our clients' time and trust bestowed re we take them forward with holistic growth and enhanced 


Biometric and fingerprint scanners
Implementation & Integration 

System implementation includes server data analytics, mobile apps for sensor data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (Al). etc. and perfect integration of all these systems. 

Biometric fingerprint scanner
Consultancy & Project Management 

We are committed to deliver the best services to the customers and for that we also provide technical consultation to advise them the technical procedures and how loT services are going to help in achieving their business objectives. 

Biometric fingerprint scanners
Support & Maintenance 

We have an excellent support and-maintenance team that is dedicated in giving you constant and optimum support whenever any issue arises. no matter how minor it is.

Fingerprint scanner
Training & Customized Workshops 

We provide training and customized workshops on the classified projects that helps our customers to acquire a better and deeper understanding of our services and how it is helpful. 

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Tel/Fax: +966 11 2030 527

Shikh Hassan Bin Hussan Road,  Quortobah 8342  Riyadh 13245 - 3887. Riyadh. Saudi Arabia

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