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SITC brings your business to a new horizon with cutting edge solutions. Providing optimized and customized services as per the requirements of each project or client, we aim to transform quotidian tasks through our various verticals of expertise.


We are passionate a only make a differe this is what drives upon us and made s capabilities. Our technology and our work. Developing solutions that not ce in your life, but they add quality and efficiency to it, and . all the way. We value our clients' time and trust bestowed re we take them forward with holistic growth and enhanced

Biometric fingerprint scanner

SITC offers core biometric solutions compliant with open standards for Fingerprint Scan. Retina Scan. Smart Card and RFID. Time-Attendance systems. SSO (Single-Sign On) for easy and secure access to all your web apps and data via desktops, tablets or smart phones and FIDO (fast identity online) for authentication that doesn't need complex passwords. Providing best Rol. SITC biometric solutions are widely used by financial service providers. corporate enterprises. government workplaces. healthcare departments and many more sectors for cost-effective security and other benefits such as increased productivity, ease-in-maintenance. data storage and even customer retention. 


SITC implements intelligent and innovative Internet of Things solutions covering an umbrella of verticals such as Fleet management. Personal tracking. Asset tracking and Kids tracking. Our products and services include connectivity of the vehicle, person. asset or kid to the cloud server and facilitate easy tracking. monitoring and control. uninhibitedly. Our solutions are highly reliable, offers low-latency and provides scalable platform that can implement functions required to deliver quality loT services to all our clients seamlessly. With its user-compatible architecture, our tracking platform can be easily connected to any smart device. 

Biometric fingerprint scanners
Biometric fingerprint reader

Hardware based user-interactive digital Kiosk platforms and PoS (Point of Sale) machines are the way forward to help drive the world towards a cashless commerce. reducing manual involvement and maintenance costs substantially. SITC retail solutions like these. would also help pool immense amount of data useful for businesses. Security and privacy would also be better guarded with such platforms. Operations like sim-card vending, token recharges. ticketing. registrations. banking management and other similar areas, would witness a much productive and faster environment and would reduce user dependency significantly.


business opting for IP telephony solutions on a more serious note, we leverage and implement scalable. secure and ubiquitous VoIP systems that provide good call quality and reliability that is fee if issues like call cop or garbled audio failure. IP phones or IP PBX and Video phones - that utilize the internet protocol instead of traditional switched network phone systems are soon apter of major workforce across the globe. These solutions would make your day-to-day business operations more aligned and hassle-fee. 

Standard Innovation Company
Fingerprint sensor

Our suite of solutions under smart city vertical, addresses the goal if sustainable transformation of cities and communities inhabiting. with the use of latest industry -compliant technologies such as NB-IoT. LoRaWAN and so on. This assures our clients of a swift system integration that is ready to roll-out with a single click, providing a secure. intuitive and ubiquitous services for smart parking (open & underground). waste management, smart metering. smart lighting. pollution monitoring. 

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