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Standard Innovation Trading Company

We at SITC engage with our customers to establish clear overview of the possibilities & application in solving real life challenges and turning these into realistic business-cases. 

We help our customers with tailor-made m2m & iot applications by creating customized solutions to empower them streamlining & optimizing thier business processes and efficient use of resources. 

Standard innovation careers

Devices communicate and share information autonomously which leads in improved business results. Such communication between devices enables innovative advancements in technology. We at SITC Solutions develop. implement. and  integrate M2M applications within your business and ensure appropriate functional solutions. The solutions provided are flexible. swift, and cost-effective. We offer advanced. revolutionary, and state-of-the-art M2M and loT solutions that are reliable due to our vast industrial background and experience along with our extensive knowledge of ICT systems.


We are strategic partners with the world leaders of loT such as Wyless and ThingWorx as service providers and system integrators. We make sure that we are constantly up-to-date and prOvide you with modern and innovative technologies that are available in the market.


We offer tailor-made and optimized solutions for M2M and loT applications to our customers that helps them in empowering their business with efficacious of their resources. 


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